Sunday, November 25, 2007

Model/View/Provider and Black Art of Mock Objects




4. Rhino Mock Documentation

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Anonymous said...

I had some MVP blog sometime ago. I am glad that I do not need to deal with it anymore -- I am working on Siebel for now.

From Siebel I can see that databinding is the way to go, and the databinding must use be easy with objects (M$ sucks here), and we must about a dozen of good controls (agaqn, M$ sucks here).

Siebel and Rocky are right: MVP or MVC is not the issue, as long as you use objects, and you use a dozon of good controls, you are good even for pretty complicated UIs, no need to be addict to MVP/MVC -- ya, java guys (I know you are not; but MVC is pushed by java envy complex -- which usually I am sympathetic to :-)), wake up! MVC is not the end/beginning of the world.