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TFS Version Control

TFS Version Control Basics

A workspace includes client-side folders on the local disk mapped to version-controlled folders on the Team foundation version control server.

Get Latest
You get the latest files from server to your client

Use cloaking to prevent users from viewing specified workspace folders or for folders you do not currently need. Cloaking is useful when you are working with files from two or more branches under a common parent to prevent you from copying files unnecessarily

Team Foundation version control provides the ability to add items to the server that are not bound to Visual Studio.

You use a Team Foundation version control changeset to store and find information about a single check-in operation.

Shelving lets you set aside a batch of pending changes temporarily and optionally remove the pending changes from workspace.

Different between ChangeSet and ShelveSet
When you check in one or more of the pending changes in your workspace, Team Foundation creates a changeset in the source control server. A changeset is a group of source file revisions, check-in notes, a comment, and links to associated work items. Similarly, a shelveset is a group of source file revisions, check-in notes, comments, and a list of associated work items. However, a shelveset does not contain a collection of committed and versioned file changes. Both shelvesets and changesets are stored on the Team Foundation server and can be retrieved into a workspace by any user who has sufficient permissions.
Other differences between changesets and shelvesets:
  • Unlike a changeset, a shelveset is a non-versioned entity. If you or another user unshelve the items of which a shelveset consists, edit several files, and reshelve the shelveset, Team Foundation does not create a new version of the items for future comparison and maintains no record of who revised the items, when, or in what manner. The original shelveset is completely replaced.
  • You can delete a shelveset but you cannot delete a changeset.
  • You can link a changeset to a work item so that when a user clicks the changeset link on the Links tab of the work item form, the changeset is automatically retrieved to the current workspace. This functionality is not supported for shelvesets.
  • You can prevent or at least, strongly discourage users from creating changeset that do not comply with established team standards by creating and enforcing check-in policies. This functionality is not supported for shelvesets. 

 Branching Strategically



Labels enable you to take a snapshot of your files so that at a later date you can refer back to that snapshot. By using your label, you can view, build, or even roll back a large set of files to the state they were in when you applied the label.