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Monday, January 19, 2015

Diagnostic Tools debugger window in Visual Studio 2015

Diagnostic Tools debugger window in Visual Studio 2015


Supported project types and configurations

The following startup project types and debugging configurations are supported by the Diagnostic Tools window in Visual Studio 2015 CTP 5:
  • Managed WPF, WinForms, Console projects running locally 
  • Native Win32, Console, and MFC projects running locally 
    • Note: the Debugger Events tool is currently not supported for Native projects 
  • ASP.NET 4 using IIS Express 
  • Managed or Native 32-bit Windows Store projects running locally 
The Diagnostic Tools window currently does not support:
  • ASP.NET 5 projects, or ASP.NET 4 projects using IIS 
  • Windows Store projects that are 64-bit, using JavaScript, or running on a remote device 
  • Targeting remote devices



Friday, January 16, 2015

My Virtual Box Crashed: Lessons Leaned

I was preparing for some demos for Visual Studio 2015. My Virtual Box is not starting.

What if I was going to give some demo.

Lessons Learnt

1. Keep your powerpoint  and  Code in some  cloud storage.
2. Keep in your mind that you may not able to start the software.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Smart Unit Tests in Visual Studio 2015


I wrote the program and added the smart tests.

  • I think that smartest can be very useful. It worked nicely. I was able to update the program and regenerate the tests
  • Smart tests did identify the gaps in my testing
  • I was able to add manual tests. Regenerating the smart tests didn't affect the manual tests.


Web Development Best Practices (Building Real-World Cloud Apps with Azure)

•Stateless web servers behind a smart load balancer.
•Avoid session state (or if you can’t avoid it, use distributed cache rather than a database).
•Use a CDN to edge-cache static file assets (images, scripts).
•Use .NET 4.5’s async support to avoid blocking calls.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Roslyn- the new .net Compiler


The core mission of Roslyn : opening the black boxes and allowing tools and end users to share in the wealth of information compiler have about our code ,

Compiles become platforms - API that you can use to code related tasks in your code and application

Anyone can build code analysis tools.

Opportunities for innovation in which  areas ?

1. Meta programming

2. Code Generation and Transformation

3. Interactive use of C# and VB Languages

4. Embedding of C# and VB in domain specific languages

Roslyn and Resharper


Looks like resharper will not exploit Roslyn for short term. I am glad that lot of people complaining about the performance impact of Resharper. I know so many people who will not use resharper because it slows down the performance.


Octopus - The Release Management Software

Attended a Technical Seminar for Octopus by Ian Paullin


Octopus deploy is automated release management tool for .net applications.

Advantages of Octopus  vs  Microsoft  Release Management
1. It is very cost effective
2. You don't have to copy the workflow for each stage like Microsoft Release Management
3. Web Interface . No need to install the client software for each user machine.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Manage Client-Side Development in Visual Studio 2015 , Using Grunt and Bower

Dependency Injection in ASP.NET vNext


very interesting discussion here

Step 1:

Start a new project

Step 2:

Step 3 :

Add  "Microsoft.Framework.DependencyInjection" entry to project.json

Step 4:

ADD  interface "IUser.CS" to your models

Step 5:
Add the implementation of "User.CS" to your models

Step 6:
Wire up the IUser Interface and User Class in the ConfigureServices method for startup.cs

Step 7

Add the constructor for controller and you are all set

Is there any strategy behind Visual Studio 2015 ?

1. There is world beyond Windows . Lot of  Mac and Linux Machines

2.  More Productivity to Developers.(Node.js provides great feedback. Need to compete with such framework).

3. Keep up with JavaScript Explosion

4. Cloud Computing is future . Make development effort seamless between Desktop and Cloud.

What is new in C# 6.0

Here are some new features in

1. Primary Constructors

2. Auto Property Initializers

3.  Using Statement for static members

4. Dictionary Initializers

5. Declaration Expression

6. Await inside a Finally brace

7. Exception Filters