Saturday, March 24, 2012

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Programming Collective Intelligence by Toby Segaran

Data Warehousing became  a buzzword a decade ago.
I picked up some material and started to read.
I was pleasantly surprised .
 Everything that was mentioned in the book , I have practiced before.
I were not aware of that it was data warehousing.
Collective Intelligence is not new something new.
Google and Netflix were not pioneers in this area in my opinion.
My Grocery Store, Electronics Store and Barber shop have been doing it for years.
Grocery Store does it by giving a card and providing discount and thus tracking your purchases.
Electronics store and  Barber Shop does it by recording my phone number.
Still I am enjoying reading this book and highly recommended brain exercise book for programmers.

Machine Learning is a sub field of AI concerned with algorithms that allow computer to learn

Chapter 2
Making Recommendations.
This chapter shows how to build a system for finding people with same taste and for making automatic recommendations based on things that other people like.
Two systems for calculating similarity scores: Euclidean distance and Pearson corelation.

Euclidean Distance Score
Pearson Correlation Score

Sunday, March 18, 2012

What is new in Visual Studio 11 Beta

1. Build Windows Metro style Apps
2. Visual Studio IDE
 -Backward Compatibility
 -Better code browsing options
 Windows Management
 -Access frequently use files more easily
 -Preview files in the Code Editor

 JavaScript Code Editor
 -parameter help
 -Signature in statement completion
 -Script Loader Delay-loaded scripts are now loaded in the development environment, which allows IntelliSense to
  •   Provide information about the script objects.
  •  Brace Matching
  •  Go to Definition
  •  Drag-and-drop reference

HTML 5 Offline Capablities

HTML 5 Offline
For Web Application to work offline, authors can provide a manifest which lists the files that are needed  for the Web application to work offline and which causes the user's browser to keep a copy of the files for use offline.

How to create offline HTML5 Web

Windows 8

Rocky makes very interesting point.
Why touch being the important driver to either  sell new PCS or a new operating system.
Right now PC users are struck with Second Class Web Applications.
Apps are resurgency of the smart client and distributing computing.,guid,bd6898d1-cbc2-4f02-a0f3-3a97486d3168.aspx#commentstart
Our industry is in the  middle of an exciting and trubulent time. The rise of numerous incompatible client devices and technologies, coupled with major changes in back-end server capabilities around public/private cloud computing , no SQL and big data make for a very unpredictable future.Such trubulence provides great opportunity for future growth.