Sunday, May 06, 2012

Books that I am reading

1. Think Stats
2. Programming Collective Intelligence
3.  Complete Idiots Guide to Statistics

Arduino Useful Links

Arduino Home Page

Arduino  is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for artists,designers,hobbyists and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.

Arduino can sense the environment by receiving input from variety of sensors and can affect its surroundings by controlling lights, motors and other actuators.

The micro controller on the board is programmed  using the Arduino programming language (based on Wiring) and the Arduino development environment(based on Processing).

Designed to make the process of electronics in multidisciplinary projects more accessible.

Audrino micro controller is pre-programmed with boot loader that simplifies uploading of programs to the on-chip flash memory compared with other devices that typically need an external programmer.

Making Thing See
3D Vision with Kinect, Processing , Arduino and MakerBot
provides the technical and conceptual information  you need to build cool application with Microsoft's Kinect, the amazing motion-sensing device that enables computers to see.
How to create gestural interfaces for software , use motion capture for easy 3D character animation, 3D scanning for custom fabrication and many other applications.

1. Create Kinect applications on Mac OS X,Windows or Linux
2. Track people with pose detection and skeletonization  and use blob tracking to detect objects
3. Analyze and manipulate point clouds
4. Make models for design and fabrication, using 3D scanning technology
5. Make MakeBot, RepRap , or Shapeways to print 3D objects
6.Delve into motion tracking for animation and games
7. Build a simple robot arm that can imitate your arm movements.
8. Discover how skilled  artists have used Kinect to build fascinating projects

Programming Interactivity, 2nd Edition
A Designer's Guide to processing , Arduino and openFrameworks.

You will explore several themes in interactive art and design - including 3D graphics , sound, physical interaction, computer vision and geolocation - and learn the basic programming and electronics concepts that you need to implement them.
1.Learn interaction design from leading artists and designers.
2. Let users provide input throgh buttons,dials and other physical controls.
3. Produce graphics and animation, including 3D images with OpenGL
4. Use sounds to interact with users by providing feedback , input or an element they can control.
5. Work with motors , servos and appliances to provide physical feedback.
6. Turn a user's gesture and movements into meaningful inputs, using open CV
This books suggests some projects to automate your home
1.Water Level notifier
2. Electric Guard Dog ( System barks when detects intruder using IR rays)
3. Tweeting Bird Feeder
4. Package Delivery Detector
5. Web Enabled Light switch
6. Curtain Automation
7.Android door lock
8. Giving your home a voice

Useful Tips from the book:
1. Start small
2. Search Youtube with keywords like audrino, home and automation
3. Ask an engineer. Adafruit,Sparkfun and Element14 have experienced engineers ready to help in forums.
4. Be safe. While most home automation projects don't call upon radical amounts of electrical current  to operate ,electricity can be very dangerous if not handled with respect and understanding the risks. When  in doubt call upon the expertise of an experienced electrician before manipulating anything having to do with home electric wiring.
 5. Have fun

Arduino At RadioShack

Arduino Boards
Arduino UNO connects to the computer with a standard USB cable and contains the software capabilities you need to program and use the board. Capabilities can be extended with a variety of custom shields that highlight specific features.
MicoController: ATmega320p Memory:32KB Digital I/O: 14 Analog Inputs:6

Arduino Mega has similar functionality as the UNO but with eight times the memory. It provides greater extensibility for more complex interactive projects.
MicroController:ATmega2580 Memory:256KB Digital I/O:54 Analog Inputs:16

Arduino ADK can be used to develop projects or accessories specifically for Android mobile phones and tablets using Google ADK2 . Implements a USB host interface that can be used to communicated with large number of USB devices.
Microcontroller:ATmega2560 Memory:256KB Digital IO:54 Analog Inputs:16

Here are some Shields that RadioShack is selling
1. Make MakerShield ProtoTyping Kit
2. Seeed Relay Shield;- smart module with four mechanical relays
3. Arduino SD shield :- for a standard SD card
4. Arduino Motor Shield :-control DC motors and read encoders with Arduino’s Motor Shield
5. Seeed  Bluetooth Shield
6. Arduino Ethernet Shield w/o PoE Module

here are some Sensors that RadioShack is selling
1. Parallax Ping Sensor: measures distance using sonar.
2. Parallax 27800 2-Axis Joystick – add analog input to your next project
3. Parallax PIR Sensor detects motion up to 20 ft.
4.  Parallax 4-6VDC Standard Servo:- the general purpose servo motor holds any position between 0-180 degree and is ideal for robotics.
5. Parallax 27801 5-Position Switch
6. Parallax 29133 –RT 3-Axis Compass Module
7. Parallax 27911-RT 3 Axis Gryoscope Module
8. Parallax 32440-RT XBee Wireless Pack
9. Parallax 28500 –RT PMB – 648 GPS SiRF Internal Antenna.
10. RadioShack Mermsic 2125 Dual-Axis Accelerometer

Useful Links