Saturday, May 18, 2013

How to get others to see your potential

Nice Post by Dorie Clark

How to get others to see your Potential

  • Create Content. Write blogs, tweets, podcast, video-casts that demonstrates your expertise. Creating solid contents reminds people of your new skills and knowledge.
  •  Leverage social proof. If you are going to bother getting involved with a  professional organization, you should make a point to take leadership role, because the social proof of being seen as a leader will have exponential benefits.
  • Find a wingman . Nobody's like a person who self-promotes. Find a like minded person  who scratch your back and you scratch his.

What is future of .Net

Nice post by K. Scott Allen

  • Azure has become successful. Cloud computing  is more abstract over windows computing
  • Windows 8 Bombed
  • More innovations  happening in open source rather than in .Net Technology

Time to start looking  beyond what Microsoft offers for .Net Technology.