Monday, March 21, 2011

Is Silverlight dead?

I was googling the current buzz about Silverlight. I was thinking of useful search term and google provided me one . The useful term was
Is Silverlight Dead ?
Three years back when all architects and Microsoft Speakers are all gaga about Silverlight, I was full of doubts. I asked one Microsoft speaker why does he think that Silverlight will succeed when ActiveX controls, ActiveX documents and Java Applets failed, he dodged my question.
During one presentation, I asked Rockford Lhotka same question one year back. He was kind and prudent enough to answer that it depends on failure of HTML5.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Programming Entity Framework - Julia Lerman

We have been using Entity framework on all new projects.
I have been in the camp if_you_are_building_enterprise_applications_you
I think that Entity Framework has changed.
With Entity framework , I believe that you can build both Industrial and Non-Industrial strength Software Intensive Systems.

Don Box "If you are .NET developer Entity Framework is where we'are going. We're there . Get on board, it's time."

The Entity Framework is another enhancement to ADO.NET , giving the developers an added mechanism for accessing data and working with results in addition to DataReaders and DataSets.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Beautiful Architecture -1 Conceptual Integrity

Beautiful Architecture
Architecture should have conceptual Integrity. Developer working on one component should be able to work on any other component of the system with ease. Conceptual Integrity comes from consistency in things such as decomposition criteria, application of design patterns and data formats. As we move from system to “system-of-systems.” The conceptual integrity must also be maintained in the architecture that integrates the systems.

Beautiful Architecture

IIS 7.0 Architecture

IIS 7.0 ArchitectureInclude the following components
1. HTTP.Sys
2. World Wide Web Publishing Service
3. Windows Process Activation Services(WAS)

HTTP.SysIs part of networking subsystem of Windows operating systems, and is implemented as a kernel mode device driver called the HTTP protocol stack(HTTP.sys). HTTP.sys listens for HTTP requests from the network, passes the requests onto IIS for processing, and then returns processed responses to client browsers.

WWS :No longer manages worker process. Instead WWS is listener adapter for HTTP.sys.
Is primarily responsible for configuring HTTP.sys,updating HTTP.sys when configuration changes, and notifying WAS when a request enters the request queue.

Manages application pool configuration and worker processed instead of WWS