Sunday, November 24, 2013

Is .Net boredom good for developers

Is .Net boredom good for developers?
Yes, it could be.
Last five years, I have read more books, articles and blogs on personal development, management, planning, self-help, Communication and Presentation skills.
It has helped software developers like me to pick up soft skill and appreciate soft and human side of technology.
It is not technology that matters but people do.

Is .Net boring now?

Is .Net boring now?
Short answer is yes and no.

Rocky wrote a nice mail on future of .Net
.Net and JavaScript is losing its trendiness. JavaScript looks to be trendy (CoffeeScript or TypeScript).
Client Devices:
We have consumer and business apps
Consumer Apps               
Apple, Google and Microsoft platform and development tool has good future. JavaScript is a possibility.
Consumer apps are a niche market compared to the business app space.
Business Apps
Business wants software that can build and maintained cheaply as possible. Rewriting the application to get a “native experience” does not seem viable.
Microsoft wants us to write us software cross platform JavaScript apps.
Today JavaScript is pretty hard because of differences between browsers and between browsers on different platforms.
JavaScript code may take more time as compared to .net/java but it is only hope for applications to work on Apple, Google and Microsoft Platform. It may be worth it.
JavaScript is like VB 3 in the early 1990s (or C in the late 1980s). It is typeless and primitive as compared to modern c#/vb or Java. To overcome  this it relies on tons of external  components.
JavaScript apps never go into a pure maintenance  code. Browsers and underlying operating systems , along with the numerous open source libraries you must user are constantly version and changing , so you can never stop  updating your app codebase to accommodate this changing landscape .

Server Software
So from a server software perspective , I think .Net and Java  have a perfectly fine future , because the server-side JavaScript concept is even less mature than client-side JavaScript.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

14 signs that your perfectionism is hurting you

It is okay to be okay.

Be expert in your core competency or skill  and be okay in others.