Monday, September 18, 2006

Re-read Head First Design Pattern-- my rating -- 5/5

Readability : 5/5
Information about Subject : 5/5

Couple of years back when I was exposed to Design Patterns, I went on buying spree for every computer book with design pattern somewhere in title. In that buying spree, I bought this book as soon as it hit the market. Now I am glad to see that this book is on every Architect’s book shelf. If GOF’s Design Pattern book was a Bible which only high priest(C++ Guys) could read and understand, this book spread the word of Design God to ordinary mortals(vb) and connected the ordinary programmers to OOP.
After reading these books, ordinary mortals could come up with a good or not so good OOP solution but never had they gone back to procedure programming.

After reading first few chapters, I think that Strategy Pattern can very useful.

If you could never understand Command Pattern, try this book.


survic said...

I am looking for design patterns with generics, and generics design patterns. It seems that only C++ literature has it. But the idiomatic differences are even bigger than pure OO design patterns.

If I cannot find one, perhaps I will open a site for it ;-)

Vikas said...

You already have an excellent post of usage of generics. I have not come across any such book yet. Opening a site sounds like a very good.

survic said...

set up a new blog site just for generics/aop design patterns:

Ahsan said...

I agree with you. Great book.