Saturday, December 23, 2006

Pitfalls of Development Driven Testing -- TDD

There comes a time during battles when elite commandos have to throw away their best gadgets which may include sophisticated gears, body armors, tools and weapons and resort to hand-to-hand combat. During one of those moments, I wrote the following blog post
Confessions of a failed extreme programmer

After the fog of war was over, I was told by my colleagues about the bugs in my components in certain scenarios. These bugs would have been never there, if only I had written my unit tests. So I started writing my tests using the framework which I prepared.
To me surprise, my test was succeeding while in real condition, it should have failed. After serious debugging, I found a serious bug in my framework and as a result, 40% of my automated tests were flawed.

Well, if you survived your hand-to-hand combat, you have to oil your gear.

Moral of the story: It does not hurt to use a knife during hand-to-hand combat. Not using it may prove to be fatal. Automated Unit tests are knives to Developers locked in a mortal combat with very aggressive deadlines.

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