Sunday, April 12, 2009


13 ASP.NET MVC Extensibility Points you have to know

Setting up a minimal ASP.NET MVC Project in Visual Studio

Best MVC Practices

MVC Future!-Exploring-ASPNET-MVC-Futures.aspx



Anonymous said...

I do not know anything about it, why it is so big, after ajax is high and silverlight is going to be high?

I will put feedback on this after reading all your links.

I hope I can read silverlight from your post -- I am not in the MS loop for a while, I depends on your blog, brother.

Anonymous said...

sorry to say this, I will use mvc only when I dig into "legacy code".

I guess it is because I did not like asp. Nowadays, silverlight, client-side ajax and AIR, why we want to use asp?

I find AIR is facinating, combining silverlight with AIR is the way to go. AIR can replace ActiveX, and can do offline stuff.

MVC is not that important. Abstracting flow from View has to be done on the client side, and should be done by good practice, not by framework and "best practice". It is not that important, just some UI stuff.

Anonymous said...

Interesting links:;jsessionid=MJIIUCGTLL3LMQSNDLPSKHSCJUNN2JVN

Vikas said...

I tried ASP.Net MVC.

It simply rocks.

It got glowing remarks from

Rapid application Development (plus Industrial/Enterprise Strength in bonus) is back to Microsoft Web World

Silverlight is awesome technology but would not be holy grail. I tried the flash application from Discover, it was not a great experience. If I click somewhere else, and then I click the flash application, I takes 5 minutes to load .