Sunday, December 28, 2008

Stuff that Jeremy do like


    How does this guy get the time to read and try all this stuff.
    Excellent and cool list.

    1. New Architectural Guidance coming from patterns and practice.

    2. The general direction of xUnit
    My Comment: I will stick with MSTest right now.

    3. AAA syntax and mocking styles in Rhino Mocks and Moq.
    My Comment: Loved it. I liked more Moq for its simplicity but keep Rhino Mocks as back up.

    4. Nate Kohari's approach to convention based setter injection in Ninject
    My Comment: Interesting. I am okay with Configuration or Custom Attributes approach for AOP. Convention approach sounds little backward but can be handy in certain situations.

    5. Autofac’s extensibility Model
    My Comment: Another DI framework

    6. StructureMap

    7. New Language features in .NET 3.5
    1) Lambda expression
    2) Var
    3) Object Initializer
    4) Collection Initializer
    5) Extension Methods
    6) Anonymous Types
    7) Auto Implemented Methods
    8) Partial Methods

    8. Expression Tree

    9. JQuery
    My comment:- I am going to buy a book to master this javascript framework.

    10. MassTransit
    My Comment:- It sounds more like command pattern. There may be more. I need to investigate more into this.

    11. Linq to NHibernate and Linq in general of course
    My Comment: Since Generics in .NET2.0, LINQ is best thing that has happened in .NET3.5

    12. More powerful Auto Mapping and convention support for Fluent Nhibernate
    My Comment:- I will stick to LINQ for SQL time being. I hated the XML configuration for Nhibernate as it was error prone. Active record was a compromise.

    13. Bellware's SpecUnit assertion extensions
    My Comment:- Makes unit test more readable and maintainable.

    14. Fluent Fixture

    15. Prism Project
    Composite Application Guidance for WPF

    16. MVC
    My Comment- MVC rocks

    17. Common Service Locator

    18. Any Tool written by Jet Brains
    Resharper Rocks

    19. AutoMocker and Interaction Context base Classes

    20. Dino Esposito's latest book on .Net architecture
    My Comment:- I did a quick reading at book store. My rating 5 out of 5.

    21. Ben Scheirman's new fluent API for testing routes in MVC

    22. Rake Build Tool

    24. DotNetRock Guest List

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