Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Evaluating Entity Framework 4.0

I have been evaluating Entity Framework for Enterprise projects for last couple of days.
We are using Entity Framework for some small projects.
When using Entity Framework v 1.0 , we found out querying Entity object using reflection is slower than querying a dataset.
I bought Programming Entity Framework book by Julia Lerman.
It is a very good book on this topic.
-Entity Framework is O/R Mapper plus wraper over ado.net (gives you DataReader as well as DataSet
-POCO Supports
-supports stored procedure

-POCO does not feel right.Ayenda of NHibernator Fame explains very nicely in this post.
In short, they are tightly coupled with Entity Framework Context.

Ayende gave other examples how nhibernator is superior as compared to Entity Framework

View -> Controller ->Model ->Business Objects ->Data Layer ->Enity Famework ->Databases

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