Saturday, March 24, 2012

Programming Collective Intelligence by Toby Segaran

Data Warehousing became  a buzzword a decade ago.
I picked up some material and started to read.
I was pleasantly surprised .
 Everything that was mentioned in the book , I have practiced before.
I were not aware of that it was data warehousing.
Collective Intelligence is not new something new.
Google and Netflix were not pioneers in this area in my opinion.
My Grocery Store, Electronics Store and Barber shop have been doing it for years.
Grocery Store does it by giving a card and providing discount and thus tracking your purchases.
Electronics store and  Barber Shop does it by recording my phone number.
Still I am enjoying reading this book and highly recommended brain exercise book for programmers.

Machine Learning is a sub field of AI concerned with algorithms that allow computer to learn

Chapter 2
Making Recommendations.
This chapter shows how to build a system for finding people with same taste and for making automatic recommendations based on things that other people like.
Two systems for calculating similarity scores: Euclidean distance and Pearson corelation.

Euclidean Distance Score
Pearson Correlation Score

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