Saturday, December 27, 2008

CLSA .Net 3.6 Overiew

I have added the Expert 2008 Busines Objects to my 'to read' list.
I also share the Rocky's view that UI future belongs to WPF/Silverlight/XAML .

Subsystems of CSLA.NET 3.6

1. 90% of the code will be shared between .net and silverlight applications,with less than 10% code being different.
My Comment - Amen

2. Databinding
My Comment -Databinding reduces the plumbing between UI and business objects. That is something our frameworks should exploit

3. Object Status Tracking(new, changed , marked for deletion)
My Comment - Cool

4. Standardization of business and validation rule processing

5. Integration with, and simplification of , .NET authentication model.

6. Undo capabilities
Not too exciting feature for Web Based applicaions.

7.Enhanced support for LINQ queries against your business model.
My Comment--
LINQ is for major enhancement in .NET 3.5 platform since Generics in .NET 2.0
LINQ is something definately that one should exploit.

8. Aysnchronous data access and Asynchronous Validation Rules
My Comment--
I can understand that one can run the queries and expect to notified by the system.Aysnchronous Validation. Beats me.

These subsystems are exposed through a set of base classes from which you inherit to create your business objects. These base classes enable a set of object stereotypes:
1. Editable Root
2. Editable Child
3. Dynamic list -- Not for
4. Read-only root
5. Read-only Child
6. Name/Value List
7. Command

My Comment-
Only Command Pattern sounds interesting other bases classes sounds more like noise in the framework.
It is interesting how one can abstract Command Pattern in the framework.

Mobile Objects-
My Comment - With Remoting out of favor, Mobile objects sound more like a philosphical approach than tactical solution.

CSLADataSource & DataMapper
My Comment -- Having burnt my fingers with Object Data Source, having Custom Object Data Source is way to go. With Mobile Objects out of favor, you need DataMapper to convert proxy objects/Data Objects into real Business Objects.

Simplifies launching,suspending and resuming a workflow instance.

CSLA.Net for SilverLight

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