Thursday, December 05, 2013

Machines are taking over the world

Is there a 'dark side' to Amazon drones, Google robots?

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos showcased a drone delivery system called Prime Air on 60 Minutes this past weekend. The idea is that package below five pounds can be delivered straight from Amazon distribution centers to customers within 30 minutes using drones.

We learned this week that Google acquired seven robotics companies , which according to a New York Times report , “are capable of creating technologies needed to build a mobile , dexterous robot. “
Google has been experimenting with driver less cars, and is actually running a same-day delivery service in California, so it is definitely interested in human less logistics for lack of better term
 Google’s Andy Rubin, the engineer behind the Android operating system who is now heading up the company’s robotics effort said “I have a history of making my hobbies into a career”
Google co-founder Larry Page , who has argued that technology should be deployed to free humans from drudgery and repetitive tasks.

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