Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Domain Driven Design-- My Rating 3-4/5 -- Currently Reading

This book will influence one to employ Domain Driven Methodology even in a pure Waterfall or fixed bid project. You will not like to be caught with out a Domain blueprint in Design phase after reading first five chapters book and will know the importance of Ubiquitous Language.

My criticism of book is that if you are well-verse in design patterns,Analysis patterns ,OOP concepts that book discusses, you may find little value in chapter 6 - 13. Authors should have shortened them into two or three chapters.

If you are new to Application and Design Patterns,Analysis Patterns and OOP , you will find this book more useful.
I am glad that I read it and it is over. (read 60%). I have to still read Chapter 14-17. May be some other time.

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survic said...

I guess it is a book for re-thinking and reviewing, which can be very useful.