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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Showing Chinese or Japanese Characters in Charting / Graphing Tools

I was evaluating third party Charting Controls for our application. Somehow I was not able to show Chinese/Japanese characters properly on my machine. I was wondering whether it is problem with third party tools or my code. Finally after working with vendors, I found out problem was with my machine.
I am documenting this in my blog just in cause someone needs this info.

It is possible to show Chinese/Japanese characters in most of the charting tools. The only thing you need to do is have the Asian language pack installed. To do this; go to control panel -> Regional and Language Options then click on the language tab. From here, check the “install files for East Asian languages”. This will allow you to view Chinese on your machine. Once this is installed, all you need to do paste the text directly into the fields in the chart and it will show up properly.


survic said...

Tricky. I wonder why it is not installed by default, we are in the Internet age ... Do we really care the disk space? Or, it affects memory size, or, it interferes other things?

Vikas said...

May be Microsoft thinks that not many English speaking people would require it. It caused me grief for four days. It disrupted my re-reading of Expert C# Business objects. You would be surprised that I got the feeling that lot of Charing Venders were being asked this question for first time. So much for Globalization. :)

chawra said...

Don't blame microsoft if you cannot read Chinese or Japanese language...

Vikas said...

You always go for easy target. :)