Sunday, January 04, 2015

Soft Skills : The Software developer's life manual

It is good to see  a lot of books regarding soft skills for developers.
I am planning to read this book

Section 1. Career

     What are your goals
      People skill
     Working remotely
     Fix your resumes
              Get a Professional Resume Writer

Section 2.  Marketing yourself
               Give Presentation

Section 3 . Learning

Section 4. Productivity
          Focus, Focus and Focus

Section 5. Financials

Section 6. Fitness

Section 7 Spirit
   How mind influences the body?

John's Sonmez's Interview at InfoQ

 The best way to deal with these (WFH)problem is to develop a strict routine that you follow each day.
I treat my workday at home, just like I would at the office. This is the backbone that keeps me focused and on task.
I know specifically when I am going to start work and when I am going to quit. I also am aware of how much work I need to get done each day.
I'd also suggest doing everything possible to minimize distractions. Try to work in an isolated area. Use headphones if you need to and don't let yourself do things like watch TV, play games or raid the fridge.
Finally, set up some kind of social network, either with your team or with friends who work from home or even outside of work. Try to have at least a few times a week where you get some quality human interaction. Utilize video chat when possible and even consider joining local community events to help not feel so isolated.


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