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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

What is new in Visual Studio 2015


1. ASP.NET and Web API have been combined into single programming model.

2.  A no-compile developer experience

3. Better cloud integration

4. Dependency Injection out of box

5.  NuGet everything event the runtime also

ASP.NET 5 templates use a new project structure

The ASP.NET 5 project structure contains a project.json configuration file, and ".kproj" project file. ASP.NET 5 project templates uses a new project layout, creating a project folder under <solutionFolder>\src, and use the global.json file to specify the project reference folder.
Global.json file contains "sources": ["src"] element, indicating the "src" folder as the parent folder of project references. By default, project-to-project reference lookups will use the parent directory, plus the global.json-defined directories. For example, we have the following solution structure and project.json dependency visibility:

he ASP.NET 5 Starter Web template contains the code first migration for Entity Framework 7.0.0-beta.

Dependencies node for Bower and NPM dependencies

Improvement in JSON Editor

Webform 4.6 Improvement
    HTTP 2 Support

Asp.Net Tutorials


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